Our Total Reach Online Leaning Center was established to address the need for a training organization to provide faith-based denominations, independent ministries leaders and evangelist of any size organization with the non-technical knowledge needed to lead the expansion of their ministries into a technology dependent world. Once empowered, with the knowledge, faith-based leaders can oversee and direct their ministries in an effect Cloud Evangelism program that will change the world.

At Total Reach Learning Center, our programs and training is created and presented by experts with real-world, in the trenches knowledge and experience in the areas of technologies used for communicating and interacting with people, as well as, a sound foundation of evangelism and outreach ministries. Hundreds of hours of testing, revising and developing went into our Cloud Evangelism programs, guaranteeing the content reflects the best practices, proven strategies and innovative ideas that are being put to use in successful faith-based organizations right now. We focus on solid information, not filler content. Our presenters “knows what total reach evangelism is” inside and out …and are skilled at sharing their knowledge in a way that’s understandable, accessible and immediately applicable.